Around the UK in 2014

Hi all, just a quick update to say that Prima Donna has remained ashore this year due to family committments and work pressures. She will be sailing again in 2013 and I am now planning seriously for the proposed trip around the UK in 2014. You may recall I mentioned a little while ago I was thinking of doing this to celebrate 50 years since the Morgan Giles 30 design came out of the yard at Teignmouth.

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Headsail sizes

Hi all,

re Santana

Santana is back in the water after her winter refit and is in the Hamble.

I am trying to source a 2nd hand Roller reefed Genoa. Does anyone know the relevant sizes for a Morgan Giles 30, so that I can search the sail lofts.

regards Ty

1964-2014 Morgan Giles 30 50 years on

Hi, not sure if people are still looking at this site but I am considering doing something to recognise that it will be 50 years since the inception of the Morgan Giles 30 or at least that is how I read the history? I am thinking of sailing around the UK in my boat Prima Donna and perhaps plan to meet up with as many other Morgan Giles 30 boats as I can on the journey? Just thought I would share this idea with you. I would be interested to hear from all you owners out there?
Bye for now,