Yacht Veloz needs Help!

My Morgan Giles 30 ,Veloz, has a problem! I noticed that water was leaking from between the iron shoe which supports the lower end of the rudder and the hull. We managed to remove the first part of this shoe which was held by two studs however the main part which is attached to the keel could not be moved and i could see no solution to removing it. The Boat yard at Gosport
had a go and apparently have now punched the lower end of one bolt up into the inaccessible bilge!!!! Has anyone else ever had to remove this item how did they achieve this and what did they find when it was removed?

Headsail sizes

Hi all,

re Santana

Santana is back in the water after her winter refit and is in the Hamble.

I am trying to source a 2nd hand Roller reefed Genoa. Does anyone know the relevant sizes for a Morgan Giles 30, so that I can search the sail lofts.

regards Ty

iPhone at sea

Strictly, this is not a Morgan Giles 30 subject, but the very limited space aboard Santana for electronic instrumentation, not to mention  cost, has kept me away from advanced modern electronics such as chart plotters and radar, etc.  I have just VHF marine radio, digital echo sounder, NavTex and Garmin GPS with a repeater dislay in the cockpit. Read more

Proposed rudder removal

Hello all,

I’m planning to remove the rudder from our Morgan Giles 30 in order to effect some small fibreglass repairs.

Not having done this before, is it possible to remove the rudder while the boat is standing on her keel in the yard, or will she need lifting up to gain enough clearance to get the rudder stock out?

Also, other than removing the two bolts retaining holding the shoe at the bottom, is there anything more to the actual removal process?

Any personal experiences/likely snags would be gratefully received!


Gas storage


by the way, was it your boat that I saw a picture of, from the mast down, showing two circles in the cockpit, close to the shaft of the helm? Is that for gasbottles? One running, one spare? Maybe even the prefabricated ones from Inno-Nautic?
Nifty place, I think I am going to check if that works for me and copy that.
I would theoretical need to move the engine dash since I suspect that is “electric cables within 200  mm of the gasline”.

mvg Boudewijn