How to register a new user

A new user submits a registration form and is told they can now login with password which will be sent – but it is not sent yet as the registration needs to be moderated.

  1. The would-be user is sent an email “Your registration has been received and is pending approval.
    You will receive login instructions upon approval of your account
  2. The administrator is sent an email with details and a link to activate the user.  You must be already logged in to follow that link.  Otherwise log in, go to control panel>Users>All users and filter the list to Not active.  Find the would-be user and select Edit
  3. Review the user’s details.  Check that it is genuine and
    • Their boat name is valid
    • Set their display name to the form Fred – Titanic.  To do this enter it in the Nickname field and then select that as the display name.
    • Review biographical information and curtail  life histories!
  4. When satisfied, activate user by ticking Activate box and click on Update User
  5. On activation, user is sent an email “Your registration for Morgan Giles 30 Yachts has been approved.” and including their account name and an allocated password.  They can now log in.

NB: Ordinary users should be members of the group Registered.  This gives then permission to see the list of members and their email addresses.  If you want to register a non-owner user or visitor, you could remove them from this group, which would restrict their ability to post and see the members list.

To reject a user: if spam, best not to reply as it will give your email address away, otherwise send email explaining, then delete user entry.