Notes on site implementation

Plugins used

This list documents some of the less obvious plugin use.  The list not complete or up to date.  See the descriptions in the Installed Plugins list.

  1. Admin Menu User
    Used to hide back-end menu items not needed by site authors in their limited capacity. Also used to hide access to TablePress to protect the register and Contact Form 7 to protect the forms, and keep SB Child List out of sight.
  2. Antipole Members List
    A custom self-written plugin to display the members listing
  3. Contact Form 7
    Used to implement the forms
  4. Good Writer Checkify
    Included to try and help quality of postings
  5. Groups
    Manages the Members group and tweaks its permissions
  6. Multiple Galleries
    So members can form a gallery of their boat pictures on their page
  7. Nav Menu Roles
    Used to hide menu items from non-members and admin pages from non-administrators
  8. Peter’s Login Redirect
    Sets up which page users get to after login – ordinary members get to front page, administrator to back-end etc.
  9. SB Child List
    Used to show list of member’s boats pages without having to edit menus each time one is added
  10. Simple User Profile
    Used to simplify what the ordinary member sees in the back-end profile editor.
  11. Subscribe2
    Provides email notification of posts
  12. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded
    Provides ability to subscribe for notification of comments on posts
  13. TablePress
    Used to implement the register of boats
  14. WordPress Move Comments
    For administrator to assign comments from old Google Group to correct member
  15. WordPress SEO
    Used for SEO and to generate SiteMap for search engines
  16. WP-Members
    Handles member registration
  17. WP User Avatar
    Allows users to load their own photo into their profile and for it to be displayed in the Members List. (Standard WordPress only supports Gravitars)
  18. Reveal ID
    Reveals user ID to admins on user display.  User ID needed to link old comments to correct user.
  19. WP User Frontend
    Implements simple post submission, editing of posts and editing of user profile in front-end pages
  20. Limit Login Attempts
    To stop brute force security attacks
  21. Redirect
    Fields 404s arising from old site inks