Genoa Roller

From Raúl Veiga Bellón

I would like to install a roller genoa on my MG and I bought a Furlex 200 S and is still not up to going to install the drum roller. If I put the lowest I have more sail area and a lower sail center, which will lower heel and a more comfortable sailing.

The genoa I have now is about 20 cm. on the cover, but that implies the problem is that the foot of the sail mounted on the pulpit and guard, to bring the genoa sheet pulley above the gunwale, outside of the candlesticks, when I sail downwind sheets and little hunted, which is rather unsightly and also damages the foot of the genoa. Another problem installing low, is that the shank of the anchor brushes the bottom of the roller drum, so every time I have more doubts. If you have any idea is welcome. A greeting. Raul.

PD. Sorry for my english.

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