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Dear all,

Great to see an MG30 group.

I have just bought a 1972 MG30 however she was advertised as a 34ft Morgan Giles that had a shortened bowsprit to make her 32ft LOA. Does anyone know if this would indeed be a MG30 given these dimensions?

Also I am keen to get hold of a pushpit so i can attach a turbine and maybe a solar panel on top. Any information on constructing their own or knows where I could source one cheaply appreciated.

I will be based in Gibraltar for the next couple of months before spending the year sailing around the med – would be great to meet any other Morgan Giles boats on the journey so please email me if you’d like to meet up along the way.

Best regards

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  • January 14, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    Hi Martin…
    [Sorry about the delay in moderating your first posting – it got ‘lost’ in my New Year stuff. Further postings will go through without moderation.]

    Whatever your boat is, it is not an MG30 unless it has had radical surgery. The cabin top is different and longer, and, most telling, the stem has a concave profile. I don’t believe it is from the MG30 molds.

    After the closure of the MG yard, more than just the MG30 molds were bought by various others. I know, for example, that a longer ca. 35′ boat known as the Warrior and designed by Angus Primrose was produced in some quantity. The most common version of that has an aft cabin and a very distinctive cabin profile.

    Your cabin top is similar to a Morgan Giles, butt then there were many similar in those days. The stem, however, is not the Morgan Giles line. So unless someone has lengthened the boat by extending the bow (and may be the stern), I don’t think this is a Morgan Giles design.

    I would be interested to learn what it is. If you still think it is a Morgan Giles, you could start researching through the general Morgan Giles Yachts site at

    I hope to learn more.

    regards, Tony

  • January 15, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    hi martin
    well unlike tony i think it is a an mg 30 wiyh some alteration to the bow so as to make a bow spit possible,your mast is way foward of the mast plate on the coachroof but a few other things are so much the same i do think you
    have what you think you have ,best of luck on your travels,Kieron(nirvana)

  • January 15, 2010 at 11:58 pm

    Martin… I have been though your Picasa album and confirm my opinion Constance is not an MG30, nor, I think, a Morgan Giles. [I realise I differ from Kieron here – nothing personal]. I will substantiate:
    It is possible Constance has had a bow extenstion to support the cutter rig. I guess you would find evidence by an internal examination.

    However, the coach roof is not MG30. You have three pairs of port holes in the main cabin – all MG30s have two. This is not the MG30 top mold. And to accommodate the extra length Constance would have had to have a stern extension too. Now there was a way of doing top molds during the late 60s & 70s and your top molding shows similar features, especially in the cockpit combings, but it is not an MG30 top molding.

    The deciding thing for me is this photo
    – this is not an MG30 stern. OK so may be Constance had a stern extension as well. But look at this photo:
    I suppose the rubbing strakes could have been added, but there is a recessed boot top line about 12″ above the waterline. That is not present in an MG30 and no one would have machined that out and risked
    weakening the hull.

    In my opinion it is not any sort of Morgan Giles – a nice boat none the less and it seems you had a good trip. Where did you sail to Gibraltar from?

    regards, Tony

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