Hull strength

Hello fellow owners,
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Hello Gentleman,

I viewed an MG30 recently. She was a late build, 1996 I think. She’s laying in Brightlingsea, Essex and is for sale on eBay for 8,250.

Inspecting the yacht I found soft spots in the hull which I would call excessive flex. The obvious spots were either side of the fore hatch on deck and the starboard side of the hull inbetween the forward bulk heads, online with the mast. I couldn’t check the port side as the head was there.

All my research so far leads me to believe that MG30s are very solid so this really surprised me….

So…. MG owners, do you have a large degree of flex in your hulls? If so where? Has there been any cause for concern?

Furthermore do you gurus know when and why hulls had any problems coming out of the Somerset Plastics factory?

Finally, I saw a MG30 by the name of Sanene today in Mevigessy, south Cornwall. Does anyone know this boat and her owner? She looked in need of serious TLC…. Or perhaps a new owner….