Michael introduces Jemal 2

Hi all
63 yrs old now.  Began sailing at the ripe old age of 25 after seeing the beauty of sails and the freedom my adventurous spirit took over . I went out purchased a Belouga sloop 6m50 called Screv whilst in Pornic France with no experience or real knowledge. Screv was launched and although foolhardy never since looked back except over the stern end. 30yrs and many yachts later here I am with Jemal 2 purchased as a project. She had been standing on the hard some 15 yrs. . On first sight a bit of a wreck alas. The fact she was completley full of water was reassuring . Luckily the engine was dry stored seperately . I am now to the point of a repaint and launch. The previous owner had cut out the cockpit and interior floors to move the engine from midships to companionway. Then given up . Rebuilding in grp re installing engine fabrication of bearers and a whole heap of other jobs done. If I can I will upload a photographic history as from 70’s Jemal has undergone many changes and refits. The hull has that beautiful lazaret and makes most modern boats look like caravans . Sea trials to come.  Engine further back will probably help in going over as opposed to through the waves and possibly sail best on a short reach . We shall see. To be continued

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