Seeking opinions of the MG30

I have been contacted by one Rick M who wrote:

Hi, I’ve just discovered this class of boat and am very interested in considering buying one as my next step up. Could you offer any thoughts?

Rick…  I sold my MG30 Satnata in 2011 when I retired and wanted a live-aboard retirement boat, so I am not a current owner, but I had Santana for ten years and loved the class.  They have the feel of classic lines without the maintenance implications of wood.  “A yacht that looks right sails right” certainly applies.  They are sea-kindly and will always look after you in a blow.  And for what it is worth, she was often admired when in port.

Any thoughts from current owners?


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One thought on “Seeking opinions of the MG30

  • February 16, 2015 at 2:12 pm

    Hi Rick,
    Totally agree with Tony’s comments. It all depends on what you want from your boat of course, MG30’s are an old design, ie look great, solidly built and safe, but they’re not the fastest around and space inside is limited. When over canvassed they suffer a bit from weather helm and can be a handful, so trimming and balancing is important. Mine’s in Brighton if you’re near and want to have a look.

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