This MG30 web site has moved! Users need to get new password.

The MG30 web site has move from its old home in Tony’s web space at to its new home at  This is in preparation for handing the site over to Cornelus.

If you have the old URL book-marked, please update to the new URL.

It was not possible to transfer user passwords, so all registered users need to get a new one by using this link: get new password or you can use the Forgot? link by the usual log in form.  If you try to use your old password three times, you will be locked out for one hour, during which time even a new password will not work.

Still looking for someone to take over the running of this site

It is now four years since I sold my MG30 Santana and I have moved on and am involved with the Ovni Owners Group. I really want some current MG30 owner to take over this site – it needs a current owner’s involvement.

Some years ago I converted the site to run on WordPress, so it is very easy to manage and maintain from any computer with a modern web browser – Mac, Windows etc. I am willing to take on an assistant while you gain in confidence and to provide support to a new administrator. It takes very little time as there is only a small amount of activity.

Come on, MG30 Owners – surely there is someone who will do this!