MG30 Rally on the South Coast

Several members on the South Coast have mentioned wanting to meet up.
How about a rally, where we all meet somewhere with our boats?  It would be a chance to meet each other, view each other’s MG30s and swap tips and advice.  If we make it somewhere land-accessible, any members who cannot make it by sea could come by land and cadge a berth overnight.

I have been to a club rally in Lymington, which worked well.  The Dan Bran pontoon is reserved for events such as rallies.

If others are interested, it needs a volunteer to organise it.  We have just decided to go off sailing next week, probably to the Channel
Islands, and will not be back until late in August.  Anyway, as I have Santana for sale, I have limited energy for this now – but would
certainly try and attend if timing permited.

best wishes

One thought on “MG30 Rally on the South Coast

  • July 22, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    Hi, I would also definitely attend, I will try to contact some of the other MG owners and see if there is interest, I will also contact people at Lymington to see what you have to do to reserve berths etc and of course see what if any dates are available, I would think these get booked ahead so may be limited this summer period? I will get back to you. Our sailing club has a rally planned over August bank holiday in Chichester so I may be down your way around that time. Speak to you soon.



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