Kieron introduces Nirvana

Hi my name is Kieron Riley and I together with my mate Tony Boocock purchased an M.G.30 in 1998 it had been kept in a garden near Preston Lancashire, since new 1976 and had never been fitted out so we set about the task in app.aug of that year.

It took us untill  june 1999 to finish the fitting out which we did at the river Douglas boatyard in Tarlton,it was with much excitement we set sail to bring her home to the River Alt near Liverpool where she still is today .When we left the river Douglas ther was not a breath of wind so we went up the Douglas to the river Ribble and turned to the Irish sea still no wind so the petter mini twin we had fitted was being given a good testing on reaching the Irish sea the wind slowly came up and the sails where hauled aloft. The sails had come with the boat but had never been used as indeed the boat herself had not it was a real thrill to see the creases in the sails slowly flatten out and the boat set off on her fist ever sail it was then that the name NIRVANA was given to her she had been languishing in a garden as a shed for all those years and we had given her what she had always wanted – her Nirvana.

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  • October 22, 2007 at 10:48 am

    Welcome to the group. Wow – you found an unused MG30 and have fitted her out. That is amazing!
    Did you have the original fitting out kit to work with, or were you working from scratch?
    In the first version of your introduction you said you had weather helm. I am going to open a separate thread on this.

    • October 23, 2007 at 10:51 am

      Hi tony No when we got the M.G she had only a copy of the original publicity which gives a very small drawing of the interior design and that’s what we used as our bible. We did go and view a few that where for sale at that time one in Scotland and one on one of the lakes in the lake district and with phtos and our drawing we fitted her out. On the matter of weather helm the sails are the ones sold with the boat it came from Somerset Plastics. We do also have the original recipt though at this moment I don’t know where it is. One other thing – we were not sure about was the position of the ballest its shown in the drawing as very near to the front of the keel and when we put it all there it seemed to make the boat too heavy at the bow so we have moved some lower and further back. I’m out on saturday so I will try with the main then
      thanks Kieron

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