Hi from Shanghai (and Portsmouth)

Hello everyone I have just joined the group having been sensible and boatless since 1989 when l sold my Hurley 22 (Raggles) in the Caribbean after sailing her there with my wife between 1984 and 1986,

I am currently working in Shanghai but my homeport is now Portsmouth having moved down there from Aberdeen at the begining of this year.
With retirement looming in a few years, I am now drawn back to my first love of sailing, over the years i have kept it in check by sailing with friends and chartering, but there is nothing to beat the feeling of filling up your own hole in the water with hard earned cash!
Having said hello, might I trouble you for your honest opinion on the MG 30? I know you will be a little biased but thats ok! I am torn between the MG 30, the Contessa 32 and the Rival (31 or 32) Although I am done with adventures, I know that one day I will probably leave Portsmouth and turn right rather than left so the boat needs to be seaworthy and seakindly. I sailed and delivered enough wide transom, high volume yachts when I was younger to know they are not for me.
So opinions please,feel free to add to my short list if you think of a suitable make (currently I tend towards the MG, SWMBO the Contessa with the rival coming 3rd)
Thanks for reading, fair winds to you all.


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  • August 7, 2015 at 9:02 am

    Hi Ian,
    My honest opinion of the MG30…
    A good question. I’m sure all owners will have their own opinions. I would say she is an excellent sea boat. Heavily built and with a long encapsulated keel she is safe. There is a tendency for weather helm but that is an issue for sail trimming. And she is very pretty.
    But she’s not fast, certainly not compared to modern boats, or to the Contessa and Rival for that matter. Not roomy inside either, although I’m 6’4 and can stand up straight.
    If she would be the right boat for you only you can decide and will depend what you want to do with her.
    Many MG30’s were home finished and the quality there will be variable. I’m sure you can pick up a MG30 for considerably less cash than either a Contessa or Rival – both of which are also very good boats.
    I’m in Brighton and you’re welcome to come and have a sail when next on the South Coast.

  • August 8, 2015 at 6:43 am

    Thanks Cornelus,

    I’m glad to hear you can stand up below, my son is also tall (6′ 2) so he will be relieved and was one of the few concerns I had. I know what I’m getting into with a long keel, fairly low and narrow boat and in my opinion the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. If a trip takes a little longer then it reduces your cost per hour sailing!
    Thanks for the kind offer of a sail, I’m hoping that when I come home in October it will be to collect a boat, so if it’s from east of Brigton, I will try to stop by and say hello on the way to Portsmouth.
    Good luck with running the site in the future.


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