Boudewijn introduces Salty Dog

Hi, this is Boudewijn.

Very glad to find MG30 company on the internet. Do I understand I am
only the tenth member, and this is the 16th message?

Built my Salty Dog starting November 1977, sailed in August 78.  Biggest trip was Scheveningen to Baltimore… in Ireland.

Missed the last two seasons due to a faulty engine (Stuart Turner/Sole). And busy on the job.
It needed lots of oil through the starter plug to start. Hoisted it out, hauled it home, found out only the exhaust valve was burned in. I could have lifted the cylinder head only then.
Today run the engine, using cooling water from a bucket, it seems to work, much better compression I believe.
Will be in the water as soon as the crane will hoist me. To0 windy probably this week.

mvg Boudewijn

One thought on “Boudewijn introduces Salty Dog

  • June 27, 2007 at 3:33 pm

    Hi Boudewijn – welcome to the MG30 group.
    Yes, you are correct – this group was only launched on June 13th, and
    not everybody has introduced themselves yet, so you are in at the

    It seems from what you wrote that you have had Salty Dog from new, and
    are the original owner. I think you are the first sole owner we have


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