does anyone have a p/y number for there mg30 and if so do you race and is  your py correct do you think,Kieron(nirvana)

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  1. Brian McCombe Post author

    I race my MG30 in the Forth with the Port Edgar Yacht Club and have a club
    handicap of 1081,is this of any help ??? Brian McCombe (White Heather )

  2. Paul - Grampus

    Hi Boys,

    I’ve also have been following you on this.
    At our club (upper Bristol Channel) we are using Byron. The handicap for my MG30 is 1060. However under PY I recall it was 1080. As I haven’t raced for a couple of years I’m not sure where I stand today. There is a move to perhaps go to club handicap system with us. Blessed if I know which is better or worse.

    All the best
    Paul Chapman.

  3. Brian McCombe Post author

    Hi Kieron,
    I have to say in light winds up to 10 knots I,m always at the
    back of the pack,however in winds of plus 25-30 knots
    I can win ????(With full main and a battened No.3 and
    a small spinacker for down wind) sometimes very
    scarey???? Hope this helps Brian

  4. Paul - Grampus

    That about sums it up for me too.
    A mate of mine has a Pioneer 9 which I also crew on at times and it is much the same story. But, we do have proper sea going yachts and not the skimming soap dishes we see so much of and have to contend with.

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